Tips for hand sanitizer usage and hand washing

Top Ten Ways To Minimize The Spread of Germs

 1. Always wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer

Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands throughout the day especially when you leave the house. There is no place that is completely germ-free, but washing your hands regularly is important because it is the first line of defence against the everyday germs that lurk everywhere. Make sure to use soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer together with warm water. It is advisable to scrub them for 1-2 minutes.

2. Staying in the house

Try avoiding going out unnecessarily when you are sick. Try to contain the problem unless you are one of those souls who just wants to see the world burn, but seriously stay home.

3. Say “no” to handkerchiefs

If you own a handkerchief we suggest that you throw it in the bin and incinerate it immediately. If you own one of these, you are essentially walking around with a germ farm in your pocket. So avoid keeping these and stick to disposable products such as pocket tissues.

4. Keep your distance

Avoid close contact with people (especially strangers), because you might not be aware with whom they have come in contact or whether they may or may not be sick. This is also to protect others from getting sick if you have already caught the virus.

5. Be selfish

Do not share food or drinks with other people especially chips and sweets. Also avoid sharing other things such as towels, especially ones found in rest rooms as they may be contaminated. You would rather use disposable tissues or let your hands air-dry instead.

6. Keep your hands clear from your eyes, nose, ears and mouth

During the day, if you’re busy at work and washing your hands turns out to be a luxury so use a hand sanitizer and try to avoid touching your mouth, or rubbing your nose and eyes for any reason, because you will be giving the flu virus an opportunity if it was on other surfaces which you may have touched.

7. Avoid coughing

If you have fallen victim to the flu, it’s best to take precautions when coughing. Cough into your elbow instead of your palms, because you will be infecting the surfaces around you, and thus putting others at risk of infection.

8. Getting vaccinated

 Another good tip is to go get vaccinated before flu season starts. It may feel a bit strange waiting in a queue essentially to get sick on purpose. You will most likely feel a little sick for a short period of time afterwards, but you will definitely bounce back a lot quicker than getting it the unexpected way.

Catching the flu in winter is definitely not ideal so you need to be aware of personal hygiene and keep a look-out for the tell-tale signs for those germ carriers who were unfortunate enough to catch it. Stay clear of them unless absolutely necessary. If you really looking for a secret weapon to give you an edge against this relentless virus, Dettol is the product you need in your gun cabinet. They have a wide range of convenient hygienic products which will keep you and your environment clean and germ-free, thus allowing you to focus on the good things winter has to offer such as hot chocolate and romantic fire place dinners.