Bathroom Tips & the 4in1 Bathroom Disinfectant Trigger Spray

Disinfecting your bathroom regularly is important

Disinfectant sprays and liquids - what you need to know

Antiseptic bathroom cleaners have become less of a luxury option but a necessary cleaning detergent to use in your household. The increasing percentage of germs and bacteria lurking in the different parts of your home is the reason regular detergents are no longer sufficient to clean your house, and especially the bathroom. 

Antibacterial cleaning detergents are not a seasonal trend but have become increasingly important to use. Bathrooms are considered to be one of the germ ‘hotspots,’ so they deserve extra cleaning attention. Health experts reveal that toilet bowls usually have a low percentage of germs because in most cases it receives the most attention. Other areas in the bathroom such as the toilet seat, flush handle, door knob and bathroom tap will be highly contaminated because those places are often overlooked in the cleaning process.

There is a misconception that the use of disinfectant cleaning products produces antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. However, according to health experts the blame sits with the misuse of antibiotics, and not antiseptic cleaners, as the reason for the existence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. On the contrary, disinfectant cleaning products assist in reducing bacterial numbers, which is desirable; especially in places where a sick person spends a lot of time or if a person has immune system problems. 

How to use disinfectant products

For the 4in1 Bathroom Disinfectant Trigger Spray to work effectively, spray it onto the surface of any area you wish to clean, and leave for two minutes before wiping the surface. In that way, you are decreasing the number of germ hot spots in your house or space. Our product range will keep you and your family healthy in your home.