Healthy Bath Time Song


It’s time to wash, It won’t take long
As we sing along, to the Dettol Bath Song!

Let’s wash the dirt and germs away,
With soap and water everyday,

Rub the soap in the palms of your hands
Make lots of foam , as much as you can

Wash your face and behind your ears shut your eyes so there won’t be tears

Now wash your nails, fingers and arms
Cause whatever you touch leaves germs on your palms

Rub your shoulders, chest and your tummy
Now your bum oh! isn’t that funny,

Scrub your legs and knees and feet tickle those toes, get right in between

Splish splash splosh, it’s rinsing time
The water’s washed away all that grime

Its been so much fun to sing a long

And get squeaky clean with the Dettol Bath Song


Composer : Alun Richards
Publisher : Cut & Paste Generation
Ref: Dttl Lyrics ‘18


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Dettol Bath Song