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Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Hygiene Bar Soap

Healthy skin feel for an even better you Dettol eventone hygiene soap now available in refreshing Pomegranate fragrance.

Healthy and beautiful skin go hand in hand. The NEW Dettol eventone hygiene soap, with a refreshing Pomegranate fragrance, will give South Africans another option to enjoy a healthy skin feel.

Dettol eventone hygiene soap is specially designed to protect skin against every day germs, with exfoliants, deep pore cleansing and leaves skin soft and smooth.

New Mom

Informing New Moms about Healthy Habits

We help millions of new mothers across the world. We know that looking after the health of your family is a priority for you, especially when your little one arrives. Our range of household cleaning products and disinfectants can help keep you and your family healthy at home and when you are on the move.

We also cover a range of topics for those new mom’s out there that include “Bringing Your Baby Home”, “Nappy Changing” and “Teething.” Each topic includes some helpful tips for moms and things to remember now that you are a new mom.



Home Hygiene Hotspots

Discover home hygiene hotspots and good hygiene solutions for a healthy home, with Dettol. There are various places and objects around the house that require specific attention. Dettol's leading disinfecting and cleaning products will protect your family and are effective for every day cleaning. These include a disinfectant sprays and more. Trust Dettol to protect your family. Browse our tips and advice here.


Importance of Handwashing to health

Even though hand washing is part of our daily routine, we quite often don't get it right. Did you know that the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that one should spend at least 20 seconds scrubbing his or her hands with soap? here.

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