Hand Soap or Body Wash

Hand soaps or body wash – which to choose?

Hand soaps are usually made with a combination of liquid fats and sodium hydroxide which is called “saponification”. Body washes are usually made in a similar manner but with potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide. There are differences in products depending on for what each one is designed. Soaps that have rich moisturising effects undergo a “super-fatting” process where liquid fats are added to soaps. Glycerin is added for clear soaps. Antibacterial ingredients are added to some soaps, which kill bacteria and prevent fungi from developing.

Body washes and hand soaps are comprised of similar ingredients. For a long time hand soaps were the only option available. However, as time went on, a variety of options became available with different shapes, scents and textures. Many felt that bar soaps wash away more than dirt and can deplete your skin from the natural moisture it needs to stay healthy. 

Hand Soap

Although soap has been around longer than body wash, it often gets the short end of the stick when compared with the more trendy body wash. One possible perception about bar soaps is that they may be less hygienic to use than body washes. As people occasionally share the same bar of soap, fears regarding the transmission of bacteria have been raised. When it comes to Dettol’s range of antibacterial soap, this fear is absolutely not warranted. Those that are still concerned about spreading germs can always make sure that each person has their own soap.

Another negative perception of bar soaps is the fact that many have can be harsher on skin when compared to body washes. These hand soaps can dry out a person’s skin more. This makes people uncomfortable but their skin also heals more slowly when injured. Most liquid soap fanatics don’t realize that there are many different soaps on the market, such as Dettol’s, which have been dermatologically tested and contain moisturizer.  Are you ready to convert to bar soaps? Read the following before making a decision.

 Body wash

Body washes may in some cases be more gentle on your skin than some hand soaps. For some using body wash can be a wasteful, as some people can’t easily judge as to how much is enough and its overuse is very likely, unlike bar soaps. In addition, body washes tend to be more expensive than bar soaps.

That being said, with a body wash you won’t get that mushy pile of soap that often happens when bar soap is left in a bit of water. You also can’t really drop or the body wash bottle in the drain. One also doesn’t have to worry about using soap that someone has just used and not rinsed off. A body wash may also create a richer lather.

At the end of the day it is a personal preference, whether you prefer washing with hand soap or body wash. It is important to know what works the best for you and your skin. 



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