• BW 600Ml Caring
    Caring 600ml
  • SG 250Ml Caring
    Caring 250ml
  • BW 600Ml Soothing
    Soothing 600ml
  • SG 250Ml Soothing
    Soothing 250ml
  • BW 600Ml Nourishing
    Nourishing 600ml
  • SG 250Ml Herbal
    Nourishing 250ml
  • BW 600Ml Invigorating
    Invigorating 600ml
  • SG 250Ml Invigorating
    Invigorating 250ml

Caring Hygiene body wash protects against everyday germs

Dettol Caring Body Wash range gives you the trusted Dettol germ protection, plus nature’s best for naturally healthy skin. Daily use of the Dettol Natural Body Wash range will leave your skin protected from germs and have it looking and feeling healthy.