Disinfectant wipes and their many uses

How to Make the Best use of your Disinfectant Wipes

Why are disinfectant wipes better than any other wipes?

The first reason is in the name itself: it disinfects. Other dry wipes or cloths could probably do a perfectly fine job of moving dirt around or even mostly off a surface, but the germs are more than likely to stay behind. When germs aren’t properly removed from surfaces, they build up over time, and can even contribute to the spread of disease. Health is something disinfectant wipes are a quick and easy fix for these unhygienic moments that tend to happen more often than we would like.

Re-usable cloths that most people think are effective enough in removing germs could actually cause a lot more harm than good. This is especially true for microfiber cloths, where germs collect over time and eventually multiply, further spreading them and possibly disease. Germs love damp cloths, and even laundering won’t necessarily completely neutralize them that have gathered over time. It might in fact be better to get rid of these cloths completely to get rid of the germs they’ve picked up, instead of using them to further spread germs on other surfaces when actually trying to clean them. Because disinfectant wipes are so easily disposable, you know you won’t be sitting with germ-filled cloths around the house any longer than you absolutely need to.

Use them for more than just wiping up the mess on baby’s face:

  • They are used as a make-up remover at the end of a long day or even a night out. Many ladies know the particular struggle i.e. raccoon eyes. Your make-up looks perfect as you leave the house, but by the time you walk back inside, half of your mascara is no longer on your eye-lashes, but rather on your eyelids. This look isn’t particularly flattering on anyone, but with a disinfectant wipe in hand, and some careful maneuvering around the eye, your eyes can look clean and fresh in a matter of seconds. All the results with less than half of the effort and in significantly less time.
  •  When the water supply is cut, disinfectant wipes could be your next best friend. As long as you have a trusty packet of wipes nearby, you could easily get good and clean in no time, even if the water supply has been cut for some or other reason. It might not seem like the most glamorous of solutions, but desperate times call for desperate measures – and you know Dettol will have you covered in these uncomfortable instances.



Increasing germ protection further:

  • Use your disinfectant wipes along with Dettol’s Instant Hand Sanitizer for extra effectiveness in getting rid of the germs on your hands during the day. You use your hands for so much during the day – typing, picking up a mug, opening the door – that it is inevitable for your hands to easily become a breeding ground for unwanted germs.
  • You could further reduce germs on surfaces by first spraying a Disinfectant Spray on the surface area before wiping it down with a disinfectant wipe. By doing this you ensure you cover as much of the area as possible without having to put too much effort into your cleaning. You can rest assured knowing that you and your family will be well-protected from germs.

Dettol prides itself on keeping you and your family protected from germs, and our disinfectant wipes are here to make that an easy reality to achieve. Protection from germs doesn’t always require vigorous rubbing or scrubbing – stick with us, and we will make cleaning and disinfecting a breeze.


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