Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant Spray

Germs can be found in so many unexpected places, and it is up to each one of us to help prevent the spread of germs in order to help curb ultimately the spread of disease as well. Though we all know some of the most loved places for germs include door handles and faucets, which is when a disinfectant spray will come in handy. Dettol’s ready-to-use Hygiene Surface Spray disinfectant spray kills 99.99% of germs and removes 90% of allergens. We share five unexpected places germs absolutely love:

  1. Light switches – Everyone uses them, possibly multiple times per day, and yet they are often overlooked when cleaning. Since our hands carry so many germs on their own, a light switch can easily be home to more germs than your dustbin if it isn’t cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  2. Shopping bags – We bet you didn’t think your environmental efforts could lead to a build-up of germs in your re-used shopping bags, but guess again. We applaud all efforts to help save and protect the environment. Although you may be helping to saving the planet by re-using bags from home instead of buying a new plastic bag, each time you go to the shop, you could be creating a breeding ground for germs in the fibres of those reusable bags. Germs can come from the packaging of meat products, or any other item that might leak some organic liquid into the bag. The more leakage there is that is not properly cleaned and disinfected, the more germs there could be. And to think that these bags are most likely stored in your very own kitchen cupboard. The key points here are to re-use appropriate bags but to keep them clean between uses.
  3. The TV remote – Yes, everyone in the house uses it, people are likely to have sneezed on it, and not to mention the fact that it’s often dropped under the couch and onto the floor (between a multitude of more germs). All the germs that are transferred via our hands can end up on the remote, but unfortunately, much like a light switch, the remote is often overlooked when cleaning.
  4. Cellphones – Especially those still featuring buttons. Much like a remote, bacteria and dust particles can get stuck between the buttons. Not to mention that we take our phone everywhere and we do mean EVERYWHERE, with us. Wherever we go, we take our phones, and we are likely to put them down on many different surfaces as we go, meaning they pick up germs all day, every day. From dirt and germs on tabletops, to germs from the hands of other people playing with our phone, to traces of make-up if you’re a lady, your phone can also be an ideal breeding-ground for germs.
  5. The bathroom – Yes, we know you don’t really want to think about this, but just imagine all the germs that can erupt out of the toilet if you don’t keep the lid down when you flush. This thought is especially cringe-worthy if you consider how close your toothbrush might be to the toilet when it gets flushed. We know the ‘toilet-seat-up-or-down’ debate between men and women has been going for quite a while, but in the interest of general hygiene we think keeping that seat down is definitely the best bet.

Knowing that germs can be found in all these unexpected areas in our day-to-day life may cause you panic slightly if you are a bit of a ‘germaphobe’, but Dettol has you covered with a number of products, a disinfecting spray, antiseptic liquids and other products that can keep you and your family safe from these germs in next to no time at all.  

Dettol’s disinfectant spray is particularly convenient and easy to use. There are specific disinfect sprays designed to target common germs found either in the kitchen or bathroom, but the best-loved hygiene surface disinfectant spray can be used on almost all areas around the house. Spray some disinfectant directly onto the area of concern and let it absorb for about 30 seconds. Once this has been done, you can wipe the surface area down, and the germs should be gone. Remember to disinfect regularly as germs will build up again over time. Consider keeping one disinfectant spray bottle in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and one in the pantry to be used around the rest of this house as and when needed. By doing this, you know you will always be protected from germs.